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Responsive web design is the new trend since 2012, and we have shifted our service to offer website implementation using HTML5 and CCS3 programming techniques to encompass the mobile world.

Importance of Responsive Websites
Increasingly, more people are surfing the internet using a smartphone or tablet. It has become a common way of life especially in our modern societies. Mobile devices give access to the internet at any place and anytime - it becomes pervasive, essential and even crucial to our lives.

  • About 1.2 billion people use mobile devices to access the internet
  • The number of mobile internet users doubles every year
  • In the next few years, there will be more mobile internet users than desktop and notebook computer users
  • People surf longer with mobile devices than computers
What is a responsive website?
Therefore, it is important for a website to offer optimized viewing on mobile devices. Responsive websites will provide the flexibility and trouble-free viewing on smaller screen devices. Websites that are built with responsive technologies like HTML5 and CSS3 standard will adapt web pages to different screen resolutions for pleasant viewing.

Advantages of a responsive website
A responsive website allow users to access your website easily from any devices. Your website reflects professionalism, quality and friendliness to reach out to your customers.
More people will be able to find information from your website and that translates to more sales.
Unlike creating a separate mobile website, a responsive website does not require many technical investments. We are able to implement a single responsive website, with CMS integration, that caters for both mobile devices and computer. This will save your investment by managing only one set of website content.

What's next?
Whether you are considering building a new or revamping an existing website, it is time to implement using update-to-date technology. A single responsive website project will cater for all mobile devices as well as desktop and notebook computers.
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