Benefits of CMS Hosting : 3-step process - 1. Choose a CMS hosting plan and a domain name; 2. Update your content; 3. Publish your website.
Our hosted service aims to remove all hassle from you so that you need not waste time reading installation guide or worry about troubleshooting setup problem.
The CMS also includes a Visual Editor that allows you to author your website content, perform formatting and layout similar to Microsoft office applications. No technical HTML knowledge is needed.

  • Readily customizable by your web designer or developer by changing website templates and layouts.

  • Multiple authoring by site administrators for large websites.

  • Built-in SEO modules and automatically submit sitemap to major search engines

  • Integrated with Google Analytics for tracking search keywords; and fine-tune your website search keywords using analytical information.

  • Save time and money without engaging web developers or expensive software tools.

  • Multilingual support allows you to target your audience and customers in different language versions.

  • Free GRIP CMS software updates for bug fixes.