ENOM DNS Services Outage

ENOM DNS service was out of service for several hours last afternoon and a number of domains and DNS servers were affected. It was first noticed at about 4.00pm, 9 March 2015 when users cannot access their websites. This is because ENOM DNS could not resolve domain names on the Internet. This has also affect other name servers where domains depend on ENOM DNS servers. As such many hosting providers ns1, ns2, etc name server domains are not contactable to provide domain resolutions too.

Subequently, ENOM posted a message under Maintenance Alert:
We experienced a partial DNS outage this morning which affected some of our customers, primarily outside of the U.S. We have resolved the issue and are investigating the cause and ways to mitigate such an outage in the future.
When DNS services was back in operation, names services across the world took several hours, till midnight Singapore time, for the DNS information to be updated on the Internet.

We seek the understanding of all affected customers due to this domain DNS outage. We will also look into how we can mitigate on such DNS outage scenario. Thank you.